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Program applicants and those interested in learning more about our programs can attend the DFF’s Monthly Program Overview (Zoom).

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Here are a Few of Our Program Modules

DFF delivers business education using a Learn-Do-Act Model that provides practical, actionable skills for existing business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals who want to start a business.

Live and On-demand Business Literacy Courses

These courses walk participants through the key business concepts that are critical to starting and growing a business that is fundable through traditional lending and equity sources.

Diversity Financial Funds uses licensed programs. The programs include:

Business Literacy 101: Understand the Language of Business℠

The language we use contributes to our credibility. It also increases our confidence when we understand what others are talking about. Business owners need to know the key terminology of business. This course provides you with a foundational understanding of key business terms and why they matter.

Into Business℠?

What are the options for going into business? What type of business do you want? There are so many questions! This course guides participants through the options for going into business.

Make the Transition: The Mindset of a Business Owner℠

The transition from employee or contractor to business owner requires a shift in mindset. You need to understand the practical difference between working in, working on, and owning a business.  Think like an owner!

Into Business Step-by-Step℠

The step-by-step method walks participants through starting a business. The program includes:

  •  Legal and tax entity options and implications
  • Accounting and Finance Concepts
  • Banking
  • Funding
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Branding
  • Websites, E-commerce, and On-line business
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Business Concept Validation
  • Market Research
  • Operations and Production
  • Customer Relations and Service
  • Intellectual Property and
  • Other critical topics.

C.O.R.E. Business Systems℠

Build your business from Concept to Execution. 


Learn all about funding options and how to pursue each category of funding:

  • bank and traditional lenders
  • equity investors (angel, venture capital, private equity, and public offerings)
  • non-traditional/alternative lenders
  • crowdfunding (regulated, pre-sale, project, donation-based)
  • grants (government and private)
  • other sources.