Our Sponsors

The sponsorship page is our way of showing appreciation to those who are committed to helping our community grow.  It is also a way for members in the community to know who the leaders in the community are so they can reach out for advice, guidance, coaching, conversation or any other need they may have.  We want our community members to have as many resources as possible to assist them in their growth.  Finally, it allows those members of the community to know what types of help and coaching they can receive outside the group by allowing those sponsors to list free and paid resources to assist them in their growth.


F.O.C.U.S. Resources

 Lea Strickland, President/CEO


(919) 234-3960 

[email protected]

Specialty: Business Strategy, Government Contract Compliance, Financial Systems, and Funding

Services include:

Strategy Development: Growth, funding, go-to-marketing, and turnarounds.

Financial Systems and Processes: Government grant and contract compliance, funding reporting and compliance, and accounting system redesigns.

Operational and Performance Management Systems: Evaluation of current processes, redesign for scalability, and compliance.